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Box Tops Competition

We are excited to begin the Box Tops Challenge for the 2020-2021 school year! Box Tops have transitioned into a new program where Box Tops will not have to be clipped, but the store receipts will need to be scanned on the Box Tops app. For us to be able to count your Box Tops towards the classroom challenge, we will scan your receipts into the app for you instead of counting your clipped Box Tops. Please begin sending in your receipts with your teacher’s name on the receipt to be counted towards the competition. If you need to hold onto your receipts, you can also scan the receipt yourself and send a paper copy of the email confirmation with your child’s teacher’s name on it and those will be added to the competition as well.  Please click HERE to visit the official Box Tops website for more information on the new program.


There are still some physical Box Tops being produced, so if you have those, you can send them in to count towards the competition as well. The first Box Tops competition will run through November 1st. The top earning classroom will receive a pizza party! Thanks for your help!

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