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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I register my student?

Go to

Registration opened on April 4th. For kindergarten, students must be 5 by August 1, 2022. If your child is a returning student and you need your child’s Snapcode, please email with your name and child’s name. 


How do I apply for textbook assistance and free/reduced lunch?

Go to 

Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are not able to be filled out until July 1st, or they will be processed for the previous school year. 

Only qualifying students will receive Free/Reduced breakfast and lunch this school year. We encourage all families to apply for Free/Reduced breakfast and lunch by applying online or picking up a paper application in the school office.  Families receiving Free/Reduced meals will also receive Textbook Fee assistance as well.

You can find more information about income requirements here: Child Nutrition Programs Income Eligibility Guidelines (2022-2023).


How do I sign up for bus transportation?

Go to 

This link includes the Transportation Request Form, as well as other important information from the GCCS Transportation Department. 



What do I need for my child to be a car rider?

Students that will be a permanent or regular car rider (at least once a week) will need to be assigned a Car Rider Tag. 

Car Rider Tags are only assigned to custodial parents, although they can be given to other family members or friends to be able to pick up your child in the car rider line. Car Rider Tags are not needed to drop off students in the AM. The first Car Rider Tag is free and each additional tag is $1. Car Rider Tags are changed each school year. A Family Car Rider Tag will be assigned to students who are brothers or sisters in the same household with the same custodial parents with no exceptions. 

For more information on the Car Rider Line, please visit 

To request a Car Rider Tag for the 2022-2023 school year, please fill out the Google Form below.


What do I do if I have a transportation change?

If you need your child to have a different PM transportation than their normal routine, please call the office at 812-256-7286 before 2:30 PM. Hand written notes or other forms of communication to the teacher are not accepted and all changes must be made through the main office. 

Students who need to be a car rider who do not have a car rider tag will be assigned a temporary, one day pass. The adult picking up the child must have their ID in the car rider line and it must match the name of the adult given during the phone call made to change your child’s transportation. 


What time does school start/end? 

The school day begins at 8:55 AM and ends at 3:35 PM.

Doors open for school at 8:35 AM.

Tardy warning bell rings at 8:55 AM and the car rider line door closes. Students who arrive after 8:55 AM must enter through the main office. 

Students are tardy if they arrive after 9:00 AM and must be signed in by an adult. 

Leaving school prior to 3:35 PM will result in a tardy, or half day absence if more than half of the school day is missed.

Students may be picked up through the office until 3:15 PM. After that time, parents will be asked to pick their student up in the car rider line or follow their normal PM dismissal procedure.


Is there a before and after school program?

Our Extended Day Learning partner for before and after school childcare is Youthlink. Information about the program and registration may be found here:


What do I do if my child needs to be absent?

Please call the school at 812-256-7286 prior to 10:00am the day of absence. There is a voicemail for messages if a student should get sick through the night and you want to call after school hours the day before the absence.

The first 5 absences will be marked as excused, if contact is made prior to 10:00am. After 5 absences, a doctor statement or funeral statement is required for the absence to be marked excused.


How much are meals and how do I pay for them?

Breakfast: $1.50

Lunch: $3.00

Cash or check can be sent in with your student and they will take it to the cafeteria to be added to their account. Online payments can also be made at


How do I contact my student’s teacher?

Most teacher’s email addresses are their first initial, last name You may call the office to get a specific email, (812)256-7286. It is also on our school website at


Where is the school supply list?

The school supply list can be found here 


Where is a copy of the student handbook?

The 2022-2023 student handbook can be found here


How do I keep up with the latest news about Pleasant Ridge?

A weekly message titled the PR Happenings will be sent each Sunday night at 6 PM to your email through School Messenger and will be posted to our social media and website. Please bookmark our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @PRESCharlestown as well as our YouTube channel through the links below.






How do I log on to my child’s Google Classroom for eLearning days?

Please watch the video from our math coach Mrs. Hubbard for step by step instructions on how to access your child’s Google Classroom by clicking HERE


What is the plan for inclement weather?

The GCCS inclement weather plan can be found HERE








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